Our vision is to be a world-class construction and maintenance company that not only provides innovative construction ideas but also plays a vital role in developing and empowering young people.


Our company strives to establish meaningful and vibrant partnerships.
We are committed to recruiting, empowering and retaining excellent Staff and Board Members.
We are even more committed to learning and understanding our working.
. Environment so we can in turn offer better services and contribute more meaningful to the industry and society.
To provide students with knowledge of the site and working environment- as we take interns.

Welcome to Afrotim Construction Company

We are happy to take care of your construction needs. Our construction company is committed to provide a positive, clear-cut and productive service to our clients.
It is important to us that we first establish a trustful relationship with our clients by providing you with all of the best options available for your particular project. Once a decision is made, we promise to fully commit to your budget and schedule.
Feel free to navigate through our website for more information about the company, past projects, and contact information.
Afrotim Construction continuously strive to maintain high standards
of services to her clients and remain inspired by the challenge of
achieving project and quality goals within time constraints. The
betterment of the Swazi nation is our long term objective. We
undertake from introduction to completion all civil and building works.